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Open Water Diver Course


* 3-4 days

The basics.  Underwater safety, equipment prep and management, fundamental dive skills.

Buoyancy is number 1

Involves classroom, pool training sessions, and 4 open water dives.

Advanced Open Water Diver


* 2 days

The next step from the basics.

5 different training dives to build skills and experience.  Allows you to go to 100 feet deep.

Prerequisite for the rescue course.


Underwater Navigation

Search and Recovery



Deep (75 ft minimum)

Rescue Diver Course


* 3-4 days

Excellent class!!!

Develop skills on dealing with distressed divers and emergency situations.  Included is Emergency First Response where you learn CPR, first aid, and AED.

Prerequisite for the Divemaster course.

Divemaster Course

* at least 3 weeks

Top notch skills are learned in the Divemaster course.  Consider yourself as an instructor's apprentice.

Learn how to lead dives, fine tune skills and develop extreme dexterity underwater.

Prerequisite for the instructor course.

Assistant Instructor Course

* at least 10 days

The elite of the SCUBA diving world.

Learn how to develop skills in students. 

Get paid for doing what you love!!!

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